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Contemporary leadership for today's leaders.

The biggest differentiator between Tanzanite and the other leadership development providers is that Tanzanite is created by leaders for leaders. We didn't study leadership in a classroom, or are regurgitating someone else's content; we have and continue to lead people every day.

Thus we are uniquely situated to understand and design programs and concepts for today's leaders. Leading in a Pandemic Era, Managing Remote Employees, and Leading with Emotional Intelligence are just some of the topics we cover.

Secondly, whether you're a person looking to develop your leadership skills, or an organization looking to elevate your management team, we have a unique process designed with a simple concept: One Size Fits One. This isn't taking a class which says "do it this way"! We're here to working with your inate skills and talents.

We also provide dozens of trademarked tools that you can immediately apply to your own team as soon as you return from each workshop. These tools bridge the critical gap between concept and theory, and actual practice.

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Top 10 Leadership Development TrainingCo
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What They Say About Tanzanite

Top 10 Leadership Development TrainingCo


“Eric’s delivery and thought provoking discussion provided our team with the opportunity to see things from a unique and different viewpoint, while allowing our managers a safe environment to discuss difficult growth-related topics.”



About Eric Swenson


Workforce & leadership strategist. Author. Speaker. 

Acknowledged as a leading expert on management and leadership, Eric Swenson is the Founder & Creator of Tanzanite Leadership Development.  His work with businesses throughout North America has led to improved performance, stronger employee engagement, and greater customer satisfaction. He has conducted his cutting-edge leadership development programs before thousands of senior executives and managers, as well as first-time supervisors.


Eric has written two books: Managing People in the 21st Century and The 5 A’s of Great Employees, which became a best-seller in 2016.  17 years after publishing his first book,, it was updated and re-released as Managing People: The 2020 Edition 2020.


His newest book, Weaknesses, will be published in early 2022.

​A sought-after speaker, he speaks frequently to organizations and conferences on topics ranging from leadership and management, to workforce trends and issues.  He has conducted seminars for professional organizations and is a popular keynote speaker at conferences and conventions.

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Eric is the Founder and Managing Director of RSJ/Swenson. RSJ/Swenson's two brands are Tanzanite Leadership Development and Symmetry HR Outsourcing.


Symmetry provides Virtual HR Manager & Director services for businesses and organizations.

He has managed hundreds of employees and interviewed thousands of job candidates in his career.

Prior to launching RSJ/Swenson, he had a 17-year corporate career covering sales, training, marketing and management.

Eric was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Arcadia, California.  An Eagle Scout, he is a graduate of the University of the Pacific, where he majored in English and communications and was Student Body President at the College of the Pacific.

He’s currently developing groundbreaking new talent management programs such as “The Destination Employer,” co-authored with renowned ethicist Michael Josephson, and “Understanding Next Generation’s Global Workforce,” with New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Kushell.

Eric and his wife live in Los Angeles.