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Letter to Leaders & Swenson Insights

10 Telltale Signs of Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Workers’ Compensation rates are once again spiraling.  Here are 10 possible signs of potential workers’ compensation fraud:

  1. Monday-morning accidents.

  2. Unwitnessed accidents.

  3. Injuries following discipline, demotion, or transfer.

  4. Claims from employees with private disability insurance. 

  5. Claims from employees with histories of on-the-job injuries.

  6. Claims from employees with high-risk hobbies (such as skiing or snowmobiling).

  7. Delays in reporting accidents.

  8. Several versions of an accident.

  9. Claims from employees with financial or domestic problems.

  10. Claims for injuries not received on the job.

  11. Discrepancies between reported injuries and medical evaluations.

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