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Letter to Leaders & Swenson Insights

Avoiding EFCA and Leading Better

If you don’t want your workforce subject to the demands of a union, what do you do?

In 2008, Kenexa Research Institute published a report of a study made of 10,000 U.S. workers. Each participant was asked to agree or disagree with a list of statements about their employers. A significant percentage of those favoring unions responded negatively. Although there were also negative responses from the employees who were not in favor of unions, the number of negative responses was substantially lower. The following are statements for which the “pro-union” employees had a significantly more negative view as compared with employees who did not favor unions:

  1. My organization shows a commitment to ethical business decisions and conduct.

  2. I have confidence in my company’s senior leaders.

  3. When my company’s senior management says something, you can believe it is true.

  4. Where I work, ethical issues and concerns can be discussed without negative consequences.

  5. My manager treats me fairly.

  6. Senior management is committed to providing high quality products and services to external customers.

  7. My company enables people from diverse backgrounds to excel.

  8. My manager treats me with respect and dignity.

  9. Management shows concern for the well-being and morale of team members.

  10. Senior management demonstrates that employees are important to the success of the company.

  11. I feel free to try new things on my job, even though my efforts may not succeed.

  12. My company supports employees’ efforts to balance work and family/personal responsibilities.

How do you know if your employees agree or disagree with those statements? Many employers believe wrongly that their employees are satisfied, but with little evidence to back that up. Remember, employees will tell you what they think you want to hear.

Get an employee assessment/360 degree survey done right away. At a minimum, it will provide a road map to show you how to improve your business.

And at most, it may help you avoid unionization of your workers.

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