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Letter to Leaders & Swenson Insights

E-Mails & Company Litigation

A 2005 survey conducted by the American Management Association and the E-Policy Institute showed that of employers surveyed

  1. 25 percent had terminated employees for e-mail misuse,

  2. 13 percent of those same employers have been involved in litigation triggered by an employee’s use of e-mail, and

  3. 20 percent of the employers have had e-mail subpoenaed in litigation.

Teresa M. Thompson of Fredrikson & Byron, PA, an employment attorney, says that “every piece of litigation that comes across my desk includes an e-mail discovery issue.”

It’s not enough just to put policies in place that state e-mail is for business use only – now, training is needed to reinforce the seriousness of this issue.

There is no expectation of privacy in company e-mails – and don’t think that the opposing attorney doesn’t know that.

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