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Letter to Leaders

Eric's Best Books for Leaders - 2022

Every few years, I update my “best” leadership books.

Like any list or ranking, it’s largely a personal choice. I’ve a loose definition for them: they’re books that ‘spoke’ to me in one way or another. Or they took me out of my normal thinking patter. And all espouse a concept which I try to practice every day.

The concept of “books” as a sole source of learning about anything, of course, is obsolete. Besides books, there are countless videos, blogs, white papers, TedTalks, and newsletters available. In fact, it’s harder to determine what to avoid than to include.

While leadership development must be constant and continuing, in these times it simply hasn’t been a priority for most businesses and organizations. So, the option is to read.

Some of the books are older publications but are timeless. Others are more recent and speak to our workplace and workforce today.

Finally – in case you were curious – yes, yes I shamelessly included my two books on the list. (If you wrote a book, you’d do it too Boo!)

I hope you enjoy – and especially hope you’ll let me know a book or two you think I have missed.

To download your free copy of my “Best Books for Leaders 2022”, click here.


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