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Letter to Leaders

How To Become A Caring Boss

Maureen Moriarty, a Seattle-based executive coach, offers some excellent tips for becoming a more ‘caring’ boss in this article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Why would you want to become a more caring boss?

1) Reduced turnover. Studies consistently show that the number one complaint of employees is not pay, but rather that they don’t receive enough feedback from their boss. 40% of all employees say a poor boss will likely lead them to leave their employer, and the cost of turnover is prohibitive for any business.

2) Improved business performance. Employees who are happy are better performers, leading to better productivity.

Moriarty’s best tip, of course, is for managers to listen more.

But I’ll offer my own tip, one that I learned from a colleague who’s now the Senior Vice President of Sales for a major insurance company:

You’re always on stage.

Whether you realize it or not – you need to understand that as a leader, people are always watching you and feeding off your body language. What you say to employees is magnified in their eyes – even though you may be making what you consider an ‘off-the-cuff’ remark. People are watching – you are always on stage – so make sure what you do and say always reflects what you expect.


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