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Letter to Leaders

Sharing Information With Your Employees

There are so many good reasons to share as much information as you can:

  1. Corporate Goals: If employees don’t know what the goals are, how can you expect them to help you get there?

  2. Organization Chart: Knowing who reports to whom is critical in order to streamline the work process.

  3. Your Individual Goals: If employees know what drives you, they can more easily help you get there.

When I was in sales management, I even shared my bonus and compensation plans with my staff. By understanding how I got paid, they understood why I was doing what I was doing.

Withholding information creates mistrust; it confuses employees; and it does not help your ultimate objective, which should be to get your entire team to be on the same page, thus celebrating goal achievement.

From AZ Central via Microchip Technology Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steve Sanghi.


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