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Letter to Leaders

The Elephant in the Room

It’s a pleasure to recommend a timely book from my partner, Tony Rose.

The “Elephant in the Room” is that thing – or things – which keep you up at night, which you try so hard to avoid confronting. It could be the current economic situation; a poorly performing but well-liked employee; or something in your personal life.

Tony’s book, “Say Hello to the Elephants” looks to embrace that elephant; to tackle the big issue in a positive and efficient way.

He has a 4-step process for dealing with the elephants:

  1. Discover and get clarity on the situation;

  2. Consider and select a solution;

  3. Implement the solution; and

  4. Manage and sustain the result.

I’ve worked with Tony for many years, and this book is a wonderful summation of his leadership philosophy. I’d highly recommend it (even if he weren’t my partner)… – or buy the book here.


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