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Letter to Leaders & Swenson Insights

What Generation Y Wants From Their Boss

A couple of people stand out in understanding Gen Y: Jessica Lee and Jennifer Kushell.

Recently, while conducting management training for a bunch of Gen Y’ers, I asked them to think of the best boss they ever worked for. Then I asked them what that person was their best boss. Here are their responses:

  1. Gave me frequent and good feedback

  2. Explanations before delegating to me

  3. Pushed me to better myself

  4. Helped in my career development/was a mentor

  5. Provided clear direction and purpose

  6. Showed concern for a work/life balance

  7. Treated me as a partner and collaborator, not just an employee

  8. Trusted me/empowered me

  9. Focused on my strengths

  10. Was a good teacher

If you manage Generation Y employees – is this the type of boss you are?

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