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Letter to Leaders & Swenson Insights

Workplace Respect

  1. Being condescended to, 44 percent

  2. Being reprimanded publicly, 37 percent

  3. Micromanaging, 34 percent

  4. Loud talkers, 32 percent

  5. Cell phones ringing, 30 percent

We’ve talked at length this week about issues that increase employee turnover. Note that the first three items on this list directly relate to poor management.

Employees want to enjoy their work; and if there is disrepect from the boss, there’s going to be problems in the workplace.

Bosses: make sure you show your employees respect (remember the golden rule); and if you see disrespect in your workplace, do not allow it to continue.

Courtesy Maureen Moriarty in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


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