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The Tanzanite Virtual Leadership Academy™

Summer 2020

Not only how to lead in a crisis, but how to lead.

Because Leadership is still Leadership.

  • Four impactful live workshops surrounded by podcasts, personality tests, reading, and thought leadership concepts.

  • The latest thoughts, tools and best practices to help you lead during the Coronavirus era and beyond.

  • A foundational journey dedicated to producing extraordinary leaders.


Upcoming Program

Dates & Locations

Summer 2020 - Virtual

(all times 10-12:30 PDT)

August 5

August 19

September 2

September 16

Meet Eric Swenson


Program Features

  • A 2.5 hour live workshop twice monthly led by Eric Swenson

  • 8 trademarked tools to ensure you bridge the gap between theory and application

  • 7 exclusive podcasts

  • 6 personality tests to fully examine and understand your leadership style

  • Kolbe™ Index and personal interpretation by a Kolbe® Certified Consultant

  • Signed copies of Managing People 2020 & The Five A's of Great Employees

  • ​Monthly surveys to ensure you're getting the information most relevant to you

  • Optional 1-on-1 coaching with a certified professional coach between workshops


Workshop Topics & Pre-Study Areas


  • State of the Workforce

  • Defining Your Values & Expectations

  • Leadership in the Coronavirus Era

  • Creating Trust, Transparency & Presence

  • Communication Techniques fRemotely and In Person

  • Emotional Intelligence & Today’s Contemporary Leader

  • Impactful Leadership Skills

  • Building Great Employees


  • 15 minute zoom call with your Program Coordinator

  • Take Personality and Professional Assessments

  • Read recommended leadership books & white papers

  • Complete the Leadership Spotlight Challenge

  • Monthly Trioka - a guided 30 minute call with two of your peers

  • Listen to exclusive leadership podcasts

  • One hour optional 1-on-1 coaching session with your Executive Coach

Reserve your place as one of our future's extraordinary leaders.

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