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A book for managers and leaders from someone who's been there

In 2003, Eric Swenson quit his job and wrote a book about management and leadership based on his seventeen years of experience working for two large corporations. Now, a generation later, he has updated the book with stories and anecdotes from his experience running his own business and working with hundreds of business owners and C-suite executives.

Despite the many changes in technology and business over the past generation, the hallmarks of great leaders have remained the same. Eric's core principles of leadership are relevant for managers of people in any generation, business, industry
or role.

Managing People is a book written by a manager for managers and packed with practical, everyday advice that anyone can learn and adapt to their own teams. This is not high-level theory but rather in-the-trenches knowledge from someone who has been there and done that -- as a manager, as a strategic advisor, and as a business owner.

Five A Cover Better.webp


Successful hires are about everything that's NOT on a resume because experience no longer matters.

After interviewing thousands of job candidates and managing hundreds of employees, Eric realized that experience doesn't matter. Neither does technical competency.

You won't find your best employees by asking a series of standard interview questions. And a resume does little to tell you whether an employee is going to be a superstar or an HR nightmare.

In fact, when it comes to hiring and managing employees, we have been concentrating on the wrong attributes entirely. The Fi
ve A's is a true breakthrough in evaluating potential and current employees.

By redefining the characteristics that determine whether an employee is ideally suited for a job, you can use The Five A's to quickly sift through the rubbish and build an engaged and well-trained workforce - to be what you need
5 years from now just as much as today.

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