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Delivered for leaders, by leaders.

  • What is leadership development coaching, and how can it benefit me and my team?
    Leadership development coaching is a personalized process that focuses on enhancing leadership skills, communication, and strategic thinking. It benefits individuals and teams by fostering self-awareness, improving decision-making, and promoting a positive work culture.
  • How can I determine if leadership development coaching is right for me or my organization?
    Tanzanite Leadership Development coaching is beneficial for individuals at various career stages and organizations of all sizes. If you or your team members are looking to enhance leadership skills, navigate challenges, or achieve specific professional goals, coaching may be a valuable investment.
  • What makes your coaching approach unique?
    Tanzanite is created by leaders for leaders. We didn't study leadership in a classroom, or regurgitate someone else's content; we have and continue to lead people every day. Thus we are uniquely situated to understand and design programs and concepts for today's leaders. Whether you're a person looking to develop your leadership skills or an organization looking to elevate your management team, we have a unique process designed with a simple concept: One Size Fits One. This isn't simply taking a generic class. We're here to work with your innate skills, talents and needs. We're a holistic solution to upgrading your leadership skills. We provide dozens of trademarked tools that you can immediately apply to your own team as soon as you return from each workshop. These tools bridge the critical gap between concept and theory and actual practice.
  • How long does a typical coaching program last, and what does it involve?
    Tanzanite Development Programs - where today's leaders evolve into tomorrow's gems. Our program is crafted to seamlessly blend your existing business and management knowledge with cutting-edge concepts that form the bedrock of leadership success. Tailored for both current leaders and those destined for leadership roles, Tanzanite empowers you with: Communication Mastery: Transforming managers into leaders through powerful communication skills. Performance Excellence: Best practices for performance management, expectation-setting, and the art of swift course correction. Talent Magnetism: Unlock the secrets to superior hiring and selection, building a team that propels your organization forward. Team Alchemy: Forge peer accountability and foster genuine team players to supercharge your team's performance. And that's just the beginning. The truth is, leadership skills can be cultivated, and Tanzanite is the crucible where greatness is forged. Whether you're looking for training delivered on-site or virtually, coaching, or strategic advisory - Tanzanite helps you go from managing to leading.
  • Is leadership development coaching only for executives, or can it benefit employees at all levels?
    Leadership development coaching is beneficial for individuals at all levels within an organization. While it is commonly associated with executives, coaching can help emerging leaders, mid-level managers, and individual contributors enhance their skills and contribute more effectively to the organization.
  • How do you measure the success of a leadership development coaching program?
    Success is measured through a combination of qualitative and quantitative assessments. We use pre-and post-coaching evaluations, feedback from clients and stakeholders, and measurable goal achievement to track progress and demonstrate the impact of the coaching program.
  • Can coaching be conducted virtually, and how does the process work for remote or distributed teams?
    Workshops Our workshops typically run 6-7 hours in a day and combine two or more program topics. Workshops are conducted in person at the location of your choice, usually on a quarterly basis. The workshops are highly interactive and involve pre-work prior to the workshop, breakout sessions and plenty of space for individual questions or to discuss organizational challenges. Virtual/Zoom Programs We provide virtual sessions of 1-2 hours. (We find that more than two hours of video training loses its effectiveness.) Our virtual programs are normally presented monthly.
  • What is the cost of leadership development coaching, and is it customizable based on specific needs?
    The cost of coaching varies depending on the scope and duration of the program. We offer customizable packages to meet individual or organizational needs. Please contact us for a consultation, and we will work with you to design a coaching program that aligns with your goals and budget.
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