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Tanzanite's New Manager Program

Jumpstart your effectiveness in your new leadership role in just two days.

Program Overview

The biggest struggle for most businesses is promoting the right people, and then when they’re promoted, giving them the right tools to succeed.  82% of businesses promote based on tenure and individual performance, but that’s not indicative of the ability to lead people!

The 2-day Tanzanite New Manager Program is designed to take the first steps of leadership development for newly promoted (or soon-to-be promoted) leaders.  With a small class size consisting of peers, you’ll learn from each other as well as the basics of leadership:

  • Creating goals and values that are unique to you

  • Understanding the principals of leading people effectively

  • Transitioning from team member to leader

At the end of the program, you’ll have tools and ideas plus a specific plan to return to your business as an effective new leader.

Meet Eric Swenson

Eric Swenson - Author, Leadership Coach

Gain the tools to succeed and the best possible start.

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