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Tools & Concepts

An essential component of Tanzanite are tools: trademarked, uniquely designed for you to immediately implement what you've learned. Tools and concepts bridge the gap between learning and action. They take you from theory to effectiveness. Here are some examples.


78 Stay Interview Questions

78 questions to guide you to getting candid and impactful feedback from your employees. (Don't ask all 78 of them at once!)


The Gratitude Reset

A year ago, you were grateful for entirely different things than what you're grateful now. What are they? What has happened to change and reset your gratitude level?


Leadership is Still Leadership

It doesn't matter if we're in a pandemic crisis, or your employees are all working from home.


The Crisis Remote Employee Communicator

How to have impactful one-on-one conversations with your remote employees during a crisis,


Eric's Best Books for Leaders

Books that 'spoke' to me in one way or another. Older books that remain relevant today and new books address key concept in today's leadership environment.


Leadership in the Coronavirus Era

Eric Swenson's webinar on techniques to excel in these uncertain, unknown times.


The Known To Unknown Transferer

Get yourself back to what you know rather than dwelling on the cause of fear: the unknown.

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