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Our Unique Process to assess, develop and transform  your leadership team


You can have as many as 20 of your managers in the program, and have the ability to customize the program for your specific needs.  Choose among the dozens of modules below.  And we’ll start by surveying your participants to see exactly what they’re thinking and what topics are best for them.

Leadership Skills

Talent Acquisition

Talent Management 

Your Development

Organizational Development

Creating Accountability in the Workplace

Creating Trust & Transparency

Emotional Intelligence and the Contemporary Leader

From Managing to Mentoring – What Employees Really Look For

Intentional Leadership

Learning Impactful Leadership Skills

Leveraging Communication for Success

Advanced Interviewing Skills 

How to Interview, Select & Hire

Making the Decision: How to Select Your Best Candidate

Talent Acquisition Strategies – Employment Branding & EVP

Communication 101 – Conducting Effective Meetings

Managing Remote Employees

Retention Strategies in an Era of Turnover

The Every Day Manager™

Performance Management for Today's Workforce

Character & Ethics

Developing Your Unique Style & Presence

Fundamentals of Managing People: Values & Expectations

Integrating Kolbe® Into Your Leadership Style

The Development of You

Using Social Media to Your Leadership Advantage

Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a Culture & Defining “Cultural Fit”

Employee Engagement and the Modern Workforce


From Change Management to Change Leadership

Happiness & Positivity in the Workplace


Intrapreneurship – Developing Leadership Projects for NextGen

Succession Planning

The Destination Employer

The Five A's of Great Employees™

Understanding How to Lead Leaders

Creating High Performing Teams

Uniquely yours.

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