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Letter to Leaders

The Woodstock for HR & Leadership

It's my favorite conference, and you're about to find out why.

I went to my 6th WorkhumanLive conference last week. This time it was in Austin, Texas. It’s my favorite conference by far.

Eric Moseley, the CEO of WorkHuman, calls it “Woodstock for HR”. I was a little young to go to Woodstock, but I’m inclined to agree with him. It’s always illuminating.

One of this years’ keynotes was Brene Brown, one of my workforce heroes; I could write pages on what I learned from her. (But I’m not going to and I’m pretty sure she wants to keep lots of that stuff for herself)!

Here are 10 key concepts I learned last week:

  1. We confuse communication with connection. Connection is hard and vulnerable. - Brown

  2. We need to understand this about today's employees (at least those under 40): You are a stop on their way to a career. - Barbie Brewer - Author, Lead and Let Live

  3. Studies suggest that Americans are now more likely to make friends at work than in any other context, including schools, neighborhoods, or places of worship. - Moseley

  4. Employees who are thriving in their personal lives are 86% more likely to be engaged at work. —Ed O’Boyle, Global Practice leader, Gallup

  5. Leadership is a mindset. Not what you know but how you think. - Nancy Giordano, Author - Leadering

  6. 69% of employees feel they are fairly paid when recognition is done well. But only 8% feel fairly paid when recognition is handled poorly. – O’Boyle

  7. As a leader and as an organization, it’s essential to know your identify - be clear and honest - then let people decide whether they come or go. If you don’t have an identity, people don’t know why they should stay.  - Brewer

  8. 20% of Millennials report having no friends at all, emphasizing a significant issue of social isolation among younger generations. -Moseley

  9. The key attributes of today’s best hires are: grounded confidence, humility, a learner and curiosity. Because none of us know what we’re doing. The knowers are going to become irrelevant.  -Brown

  10. Leaders need to cultivate emotional intelligence, empathy, and collaboration skills to manage diverse teams and drive organizational success in a humane manner. Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist, IT Sloan School of Management


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